Virtual Private Network

Service Features:
* Ability to connect 500 branches on a single network with the possibility of linking unlimited number of networks.
* High security through the firewall and activation and cancellation of services and stability of performance and non-interruption of communication only in case of interruption of Internet service from the service provider.
* Contact one or two directions between the department and branches.
* The possibility of using all types of communication connections (FTTH / ADSL / VDSL / 4G / 3G)
* Ability to add a backup Internet line to ensure continuity of work and non-interruption with the possibility of speed integration or distribution of loads
* Ability to connect all employees on the main server of the facility and work on the programs without problems.
* The possibility of linking all the devices of employees in all branches and the sharing of files and printers among them.
* Ability to distribute speeds and authority to employees.
* Possibility to connect the central network of all branches (ip-Phone).
* Possibility of using one of the company’s phones from outside.
* Possibility to use a branch phone in another branch and vice versa.
* Possibility to connect surveillance cameras and surveillance from anywhere.
* Ability to access the network of the establishment from anywhere.
* The possibility of using mobile and tablet devices to enter and work on the network.
* Provides applications for network management and monitoring.
* The possibility of calling from the mobile phone using a fixed telephone number of the establishment.
* The possibility of linking any branch does not have a landline phone with a special phone extension.
* No minimum connection speed between branches and speed depends on the service provider.
* Do not consume the resources of Internet service and consumption depends on the amount of data exchanged only with the possibility of dividing the speed of the network according to your need.
* Reduce service provider fees.
* The possibility of withdrawing a backup for each branch to ensure data.
* 98% free of defects and technical problems.
* Needless for help programs and any device is automatically connected to the network.
* No periodic fees.
* Technical support around the clock through customer service.
* Draw a plan of action for the client before the start of implementation and make suggestions to fit with his work.