Transportations system

Transportations system

It is an integrated system to regulate the transport and shipping of all types and the issuance of bills of lading and transport orders.

Planet software for transportations  system

This is program to follow up the flow of transport, including everything related to the transport of bulk and non-bulk transport., cars and drivers and direct commissions and sub-commissions. As well as it is  issuing invoices for customers, calculating the salaries of drivers from the returns and much more for the flow of transport.

Stock flow following program which includes follow-up Procurement flow and disposal of spare parts for cars .As well as it follows-up accounts of suppliers of spare parts , oils and others , flow of products within the workshop and much more to serve transport flow directly or indirectly

The program has several technical advantages of high quality design;

The system works in both Arabic and English and  consists of several parts Of which :

Customers & flow:

The customer information is stored in full and the specifications of the client account are defined such as the credit limit and the customer payment type (cash-forward.Then the customer’s request is opened with the registration of the type of signal and the identification of basis point  and the terminal point. Flow responsible  accepts and converts the order into a bill of lading. The policy calculates all transactions related to transportation cost, diesel value, incentive, driver’s name, truck number, estimated travel time and real time. The program calculates all values ​​related to deviations that caused delay Time in days, hours and loading on one cost centers (the client – the driver – the company) .You can through the program identification of alternative cars and ambulances if any.

Through the program you can see the status of any car or driver at any moment and tells you the system of the whereabouts of each of the cars currently.


The system provides you with sales and purchases invoices for fuel and diesel. It provides  customer statements and bonds. The bond can also be linked to a specific invoice. There are special bonds for driver’s discounts or due fines.

Inventory (spare parts and steering wheels):

The program includes the system of management of steering wheels and spare parts and a comprehensive inventory of the number , values ​​, the current situation and the status of each car in terms of depreciation .It determines the validity and the extent of the end of the warranty in the days and the kilometers are passed by steering wheels. The program also enables the execution of the expired steering wheels , the changing of steering wheels and compensating them.

Employees, Drivers and Payroll sheet:

The system has ability to inventory the information of the drivers as personal information or as information about their governmental documents such as a driver’s license or an Aramco card.

You will no longer need to spend time processing your employees’ net salaries and payroll sheet, It has ability to inventory their diesel and travel allowances as the program will equip them with the click of button

Vehicles and winches:

You can enter all the detailed information of the vehicles such as: plate number, car number, model, manufacturer, machine number, chassis ground type, compartment, winches or tank associated, tire size, stickers expiration date, stickers number, depreciation rate ,using start date And other administrative and accounting information.

Workshop and maintenance:

You can specify the periodic maintenance dates and the results of the examination in detail. The system manages workshops and the values of urgently maintenance operations. These values  are ​​exported to one of the cost center mentioned earlier.


The system contains more than 100 reports covering all the categories of the company of workers, drivers  and users of the system .It contains the types and values ​​of steering wheels , spare parts and vehicles.

All reports are printable or export to Excel. The system also has the ability to modify reports.

System Components

basic data

Types of Procurement

Suppliers classification

Suppliers data

payment terms

opening balance





Following up paying invoices


Procurement Returns

Procurement invoices

supply Order

credit of purchase orders

Request for Quotation

Purchase Orders

Supplier evaluation

purchase order

supply order



Journal Procurement Report

Procurement returns report

Suppliers account

Suppliers Data Report

Procurement Report of suppliers during the period

Procurement classifications during the period

Purchase orders Report

Purchase requests Report

Examples within the system

suppliers data

Registration of all suppliers data and linking the accounts of different suppliers to the accounts directory

Procurement invoices

Record Procurement invoices and routing components of accounting entry such as cost center, supplier, and stock