Sales and Customers System

Sales and Customers System

It is a fully integrated and easy to use system to speed up sales, barcode printing, knowledge of balances stocks and accounts.

Sales system

Planet software Sales system  is designed to be the most powerful integrated sales system in the Arab world to meet all the requirements and needs of sales management with ease of use. Whatever the skills of employees in the use of the computer, the ease of the system enables them to work smoothly and easily without mistakes

The sales program is designed in a great way and using the best programming methods in order to have in your hands the best staff program is characterized by good shape and ease and speed of performance.

Design your invoice .You can design and modify the invoice form at any time without any technical intervention, because there is a special designer for invoices, reports and barcodes with the sales system

With one click you can view customer accounts in total and in detail with filters feature in all parts of the report and export to different formats

Also it has knowledge  the value of the goods in the stock until a certain date and on more than cost policy

The program will back up at the time you select it so that all your data in safe

You can set the prices lists to an unlimited number .So you have flexibility in the sales process where you can set a prices list for each customer

One of the advantages of a sales system is that it updates itself automatically. so you have a permanent updated sales system

System Components

basic data

Customer classification


Sales classification

Prices lists

Names of Commissioner

Commissioner commissions

Key customers names

Customers data

Opening balance



Supply orders






Collection of invoices



Follow-up customers

Journal Sales

Sales returns

Customers Account

Prices lists

Customers data

Follow-up taxes

Sales classifications during the period

Customers attitude classifications

Annual Sales Analysis classifications

invoices profits

commissioners’ commissions

Total sales of customers during the period



Examples within the system

Customers Data

Registration of all supplier data and linking accounts of different suppliers to the accounts directory

Sales invoice

Register sales invoices