Procurement and suppliers system

Procurement and suppliers system

Management of everything related to the procurement cycle, supplier data, their claims, payment follow-up,  purchased staff . This system is indispensable for any specialized procurement department.

Procurement  system

It is an integrated system for the management of specialized procurement, and depends on the documentary cycle and electronic credit. The system can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet. It is easy to use and its multiple features enable the enterprise to manage its procurement efficiently and effectively.

Suppliers and Procurement Accounts Management System includes all aspects of purchasing accounts, both domestic and imported purchases. As well as everything is exist related to the accounts of local and external suppliers as well.

Best features

Full flexibility to allocate credits for purchases requests and orders

Possibility of bonds attachment with purchase invoices and orders

Link between stocks and Procurement to know the balances of stocks

Manage payments and purchase orders that link to accounts. It follows payments and alerts near the time of payment process

Documentary cycle for purchase

The user will order the supply of a particular category. This order is considered an internal request. The request is directed to the stock department. When these categories are not available in the stocks, the order of supply is transferred to a purchase order. After that it subjects to credits cycle as done earlier for purchase orders

After the purchase order has been credited, the Procurement Department will send order for quotations to the credited suppliers, collection the appropriate quotations, pick the appropriate price and quality through a technical committee, and convert the purchase requisition into a purchase order. The purchase order will also be subject to its credits

The order of supply shall be sent to the supplier with recognized company’s design and accepted by the supplier to supply the goods in accordance with the stipulated conditions in the purchase request and matching quotation of the supplier

The supply order will then be converted into a purchase invoice, with attachment a copy of the order of supply and a copy of the supplier invoice to export the accounting entry for this process. Also, Impact is on stock b balances according system setting

System Components

basic data

Types of Procurement

Suppliers classification

Suppliers data

payment terms

opening balance





Following up paying invoices

Procurement Returns

Procurement invoices

supply Order

credit of purchase orders

Request for Quotation

Purchase Orders

Supplier evaluation

purchase order

supply order



Journal Procurement Report

Procurement returns report

Suppliers account

Suppliers Data Report

Procurement Report of suppliers during the period

Procurement classifications during the period

Purchase orders Report

Purchase requests Report


Examples within the system

suppliers data

Registration of all suppliers data and linking the accounts of different suppliers to the accounts directory

Procurement invoices

Record Procurement invoices and routing components of accounting entry such as cost center, supplier, and stock