POS Management System

Planet software POS Management System

It is a very simplified system to speed up sales, barcode printing, and knowledge balances of stocks and accounts.

Planet software POS Management System

POS system to regulate sales and purchase , inventory control in shops, restaurants, supermarkets, clothing sales, pharmaceutical, pharmacies companies, and many other business activities.

The Point of Sale program is designed with great use and the best programming methods in order to اhave in your hands the best Points program characterizing by good shape , ease and speed of performance.

Each point of sale program  can be linked to the main server .So you can follow points of sale from anywhere and point of sale supports the use of keyboards ,all kinds of touch screens and connect the POS program with barcodes and cashiers.

One of the most important features of the Point of Sale program is to allow the customer to design the barcode models and the design of the invoice itself .It has possibility of making cash , forward invoice or using all means of payment, such as credit cards, Visa, Master, Emax etc.

The Restaurant Points of Sale program

The Restaurant Points of Sale program supports the orders of customers , tables and export orders to the kitchen. It supports the process of consumption of raw materials and the possibility of adding customer feedback on the order as well as side dishes

Flexibility to modify orders, find out all open tables and send invoice to customer via e-mail

Define all side dishes for meals

System Components

Cashier system

Invoices issuance and sales screen is characterized  to manage sales easily and fit with all displays as well as touch screens. It manages points of sale and designs invoices of sale in an easy way through the invoice designer

Sale points and customers

The customer names and phone numbers of each customer are added

Sale points and products adding

Through the screen, add product names and identify all the details of the product such as the unit associated with the product .As well as the barcode of the product to be sold .It identifies the prices of the product ,suppliers associated with that product and determine product components if the product consists of materials that can be handled.

Sale points and prices

Where through that screen you can  insert the prices of each category , determine the loss rates and the percentage of virtual profit and the allocation of price lists for each product

Products components and restaurants system

adding components that are included in the composition  of the product to calculate the cost of each product  will be composted

sale points and suppliers

through screen ,adding suppliers data that organization handles with those suppliers

cash boxes flow and cashier system

The sales screen and invoices issuance planet software to manage the sale easy to use and fit with all displays . Through that report you  can know flow of cash boxes during a certain period of income  and outgoing

Detailed sales flow

Through this report, Journal sales are defined over a specified period of time

Detailed Procurement flow

Through this report, you know the flow of Procurement during the period and the balance of suppliers