Motorcar Showroom System

Motorcar Showroom System

It is an integrated system to regulate the process of selling , buying and installment of cars .It handles the relationship between the owner, buyer ,and trader and the collection of installments

Planet software motorcar Showroom Management System

Planet software motorcar Showroom Management System is designed to manage contracts of sale, purchase, installment, installments following up and collection them on time

Sending messages to the owner, the guarantor and the buyer in various transactions such as payment of installments or delaying payment of a particular installment

Record all car data and knowing the goods of the car stock by type and model of each car

Report of sales, details of sales operations, reports of installments and accounts

accounting System

Because motorcar showrooms are one of the commercial areas that are very interested in various calculations, motorcar Showroom Management System is an advanced accounting system for recording daily entries and various calculations processes.

The accounts of the ledger, the general ledger, the trial balances and the financial statements can be presented

Full control of user rights

System Components

basic data

Customers data

Employees data

Mediators data

Statements of bondsman guaranteeing

cars data

Suppliers data

Basic data for accounts


Cash sales

Forward sales

Interest-free loans

transfer the car ownership from owner to owner

installments Schedule

payment of installments

journal entries

Disposal and addition authorizations


Opening balances

Letters of guarantee

Documentary Credits

Fixed assets




Sales reports

Customers accounts


mediators’ calculations

supplier accounts

Staff accounts

Account ledger

Financial Statements

Financial analysis



Examples within the system

forward sales

Registration of forward sales and installments scheduling


suppliers’ data

Registration of all suppliers’ data and linking different suppliers accounts to the accounts directory