Maintenance contracts

Maintenance contracts

Maintenance of periodic maintenance contracts for all computers, networks and servers under the supervision of certified engineers and specialists who provide support to large companies

Maintenance and contracts

We have the honor to offer our services contracting with you to carry out  works of computer maintenance, computer networks, internet networks, surveillance cameras, servers. We provide periodic maintenance contracts for all computers, networks & servers under the supervision of certified engineers & specialists who provide support to large companies. We have ability for immediate maintenance of customers through our headquarters, where the specialist receives the device and fills the maintenance order data, identify the faults and appropriate repairs, and determine the cost of maintenance and delivery date of the customer with him. The customer receives a receipt of the device, and can follow the status of his request either to contact us, visit us, or one of our employees contacts the client Preparation of the operating system on the computer correct scientifically preparation

Networks implements

1. Preparation of the operating system on the computer correct scientifically preparation.

2.Programming and preparing all types of servers, assembling and qualifying them for work inside the company, installing database programs, protection systems, file management systems, archiving, enforcing user permissions, blocking strange websites, protecting of viruses, sharing data and files between users’ devices as well as printing machines through the server, Active Directory is used in determining the authorities of users and giving the authorities appropriate to each role in the company

3. Design and implementation of networks, from the extension of wiring to the point of computer networks operation and maintenance, and internet and communications for small ,medium ,large companies with precision and care .We provide customers with the best services as well as manages networks and provide technical support under the annual contracts, Also we focus on preventive maintenance to prevent and reduce the occurrence of faults.

The services we provide in the networks
1. Network design
2. Implementation of networks
3. Technical support for networks
4. Network management
5. Network maintenance
4. Surveillance and protection systems (cameras)
5. Check out computer components and test their compatibility with each other.
6. Cleaning the components of the devices from dust, which affect the efficiency and speed of the devices.
7. Periodic measurement of the efficiency of the components and the temperature of the computer causing the device slow.
8. Preparing a lot of service programs with the latest versions that the computer user needs while working in accordance with the capabilities of each device.
9. Check your computers for viruses and hacking files and delete them .Make sure that the computers are completely free of any viruses or spyware programs and install programs to protect the computer to address any or Penetration attempt.
10. Create an automated backup system for your company files .Your company’s files are saved remotely against users’ tampering to avoid the disasters that can occur when this data is lost .So you can refer to old projects and files at any time.
11. The possibility of making necessary maintenances , which requires work quickly through the feature of Live Support. Live support allows you to solve all your problems through this service online. It provides a fast service to solve the problem once you contact without having to wait until the presence of a technical support for your location. If the damage requires direct handling, an engineer will be sent to the client after set the date of the visit.
12. Set the Internet service on all devices and networks to operate with efficiency and high speed.
13. Make a reduction on any spare parts sold through our company during the maintenance contract period.
14. set periodical follow-up card for each device to be recorded as follows:
Computer specifications and date of manufacture.
• Maintenance dates and updates to the device.
• Maintenance plan for the device.
• Device update plan.