Human resources system

Human resources system
Now it is time to maintain the wasted time on human resources in the management of personnel , control the attendance and archiving of their documents

Human resources system
Planet Software Human Resources system is one of the most powerful human resources systems and is an integrated human resource and payroll management system with more than one service. The system can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet. It is easy to use and its multiple features enable the enterprise to manage its human resources efficiently and effectively.

The human resources program is designed in a great way and using the best programming methods in order to have in your hands the best staff program. It is characterized by good shape , ease and speed of performance.

The system includes all ready models for direct use such as letters of identification and authorizations. The most important feature is that the user can design all the necessary models himself on the system and use it with ease

One of the most important features of Planet Software on HR system is the possibility of linking the system attendance management machines, payroll management automatically and exporting the accounting entry with the distribution of salaries on projects according to the attendance of employees.

It handles the problems faced by HR managers in daily work

Termination of all employee entitlements and production of accounting entries

The possibility of following up the applications of employees and entering them in a documentary cycle and approving applications electronically

Record all employee data, salary items and dependents and calculate employee costs

System Components

basic data

Attendance management machines
Insurance Rates
Work shifts
Types of Vacations‎Regulation of disciplinary penalties
Job Descriptions
Categories of work
shipping companies
Types of documents
Employee data
Payroll slip
Data of dependents
Official holidays


Attendance and leave

The vacation

Mandate request

Absence authorization

Delay authorization

over time




Human Resource Models

Pursuer Transactions

Work contracts

Loan contracts

delegate Orders

    Administrative decisions



Staff Transfer between projects

Staff requests

Request a salary adjustment

Staff claims

Annual claims

Staff advances

accommodation allowance payments

Staff costs

Staff evaluation

Car flow

Visitors register

Staff training plan


All necessary reports