contracting and enterprises system

The system of contracting and enterprises

It is a powerful and integrated system of the best integrated solutions for contracting companies.

contracting and enterprises system

Planet program is contracting and enterprises one of the most powerful accounting programs which is an integrated system for contracting companies and enterprises costs. The system can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet. It is easy to use and its multiple features enable the enterprise to manage its data resources efficiently and effectively.

The contracting and enterprises software is designed superbly and using the best programming methods to have in your hands the best accounting system of good shape , ease and speed of performance.

contracting and enterprises  program supports a report designer, from which the user can design all data reports, comparisons reports, statistical reports, and graphs with ease without the need for a technician or programmer to do so


It handles the obstacles which are faced by decision-makers and managers of the enterprises for the existence of financial reports , analytical ratios , comparisons between accounts, costs , projects , the representation of data , accounting comparisons and statistics by  graphs

Follow-up of bank facilities, Letters of guarantee and documentary credits .It has knowledge of permissible limits according to the type of each facility at the level of all banks , user knowledge , remaining balance and issuing all necessary accounting and reporting entries

The possibility of enterprises management  is introduction data of all technical , financial and competitive companies and analysis of the contract items from direct and indirect costs to know the selling price of the enterprise

Preparing estimated budgets for enterprises not to exceed them during the issuance of purchase orders

System Components

basic data

Registration of staff attendance on each enterprise

Know the ratios of enterprise completion

Know the deviation average for enterprises

Disposal of materials from stocks to enterprise

Production of automatic entries of all system screens

Equipment system

Maintenance System

Follow-up of statements collections

Trial Balance

income list

general Balance

Financial analysis



Letters of guarantee

Documentary Credits


Final Accounts

Study of projects

Work of project budgets

liberalization and credit purchase orders

liberalization and credit purchase orders

Loading staff salaries at cost centers

Bank accounts

Account ledger

General ledger

Accounts comparisons




Human resources


Contracts and statements




Fixed assets

Real custody

Staff accounts

Employees’ payroll

Customers’ accounts

Costs comparisons


Examples within the system

employee data

Record all employee data, work data, physical and additional data and attachments

Projects Deviation average 

Presentation of project budgets, classifications of disposition and residual of materials ,and deviation average


Employees Winding up

It calculates employees’ claims and a leave ,resignation or termination service statement liberalization.

Project Study

Study and analyze the direct and indirect cost of all project items

Customer statemente

liberalization project’s statements

cost centers  calculating

A detailed statement of the revenues and expenses of the cost centers