Accounts and general costs system

 Accounts system 

It is a powerful and integrated system and the best integrated solutions for companies and organizations in many fields.

Accounts System

Planet program accounting system is one of the most powerful accounting programs which is an integrated system and contains the daily entries , accounts of ledger and general ledger , final accounts , comparisons , ratios of financial analysis and accounts of assets and costs. The system can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet. It is easy to use and its multiple features enable the enterprise to manage its data resources efficiently and effectively.

The accounting software is designed superbly and using the best programming methods to have in your hands the best accounting system of good shape , ease and speed of performance.

 The Accounts program supports a report designer, from which the user can design all data reports, comparisons reports, statistical reports, and graphs with ease without the need for a technician or programmer to do so

 It handles the obstacles which are faced by decision-makers and managers of the enterprises for the existence of financial reports , analytical ratios , comparisons between accounts, costs , projects , the representation of data , accounting comparisons and statistics by  graphs

Follow-up of bank facilities, Letters of guarantee and documentary credits .It has knowledge of permissible limits according to the type of each facility at the level of all banks , user knowledge , remaining balance and issuing all necessary accounting and reporting entries

 Import accounting and bonds entries from Excel and export all reports and bonds to the various versions

Complete flexibility in the preparation of income lists and budgets .It has possibility of adding more than one design

Support Arabic and English

Ability to attach documentations to all documents within the program

Professionally designed screens to ensure ease of use and access to information

Amounts in letters   for both local and foreign currency Full and accurate control of the general accounts within the organization through terms of reference system

An accounting program that supports manufacturing systems from raw materials and cost accounting

System components

Basic data

Assets Add

Depreciation of assets

Assets data


Assets exclusion

ledger Accounts

General ledger Account

Debts aging

Trial balances

Statement of financial position

income list

Represents the flow of deposits

financial lists analysis

Accounts comparisons

Cost calculations in detailed and total

Cost comparisons



Banking facilities

Letters of guarantee

Limits of guarantee letters

used guarantee Letters

Guarantee Letters balances

Extended warranty period

Change the value of the warranty

Documentary Credits

Limits of documentary credits

used  Documentary credits

Documentary credits balances

Extend the period of documentary credits

Change the value of documentary credits


Daily entries

Commercial Papers


basic information

Cash boxes

Bank accounts

Daily Help

Accounts Categories

Accounts distribution levels

Groups of accounts

Preparation of financial statements

Preparing financial statement analysis

Accounts guide

estimated  Budget

Closing period

Fiscal year

Opening balances

Exchange requests

Exchange bonds

Receipt bonds

Examples within the system


Accounts guide

Record all account items in infinite levels

costs guide

A separate costs guide for a more detailed analysis of expenses

daily entry

Record all kinds of daily entries

Ledger account

Detailed account for all directory accounts and third party accounts such as customers, suppliers, and employees

Monthly comparisons

Monthly comparisons of all accounts, costs, and illustrative graphs

Project Study

Study and analyze the direct and indirect cost of all project items

Customer statements

liberalization project’s statements

cost centers account

A detailed statement of the revenues and expenses of the cost centers

The trail balance

The trail balance is exported in more than one format and on more than one level